Posted: April 6, 2017 by Paul Cohen, Regional Director 



This just happened on my way to the airport. I am leaving on a trip to visit clients in the Carolinas so I order an Uber and then head to the lobby of my building. As I enter, a woman is screaming into her phone that she ordered a cab over half-an-hour ago and was going to miss her flight. "Who's your manager!?", she screamed into her phone. In my experience the desired effect is seldom achieved when attempting to pull rank and ask for the manager, especially in Miami where indifference is an art-form. The desk clerk and I made eye contact and both quickly rolled our eyes away to break contact while also sharing an “oh-boy” moment. I was reminded of the scene in Casino where Joe Pesci says to the security guard searching his upset wife “don’t look at me, pal. I’ve got to live with her.” I looked for a little dog to peek out of her probably $10,000 purse, but didn’t see one.  


At that point, my phone notified me that Jesus (his real name. Jesus take the wheel) was arriving in a Toyota Corolla. I asked the lady if she wanted to share my ride. "No!  I have a cab coming," she screeched. While I usually disagree with the cliché, a voice saying, “no good deed goes unpunished” ran through my head. I jumped in my Uber and headed to Miami International. 


At the airport, I noticed the line of people waiting for a yellow cab. It was a bad day for taxis. Who still waits for a Cab? Who are these people? Most were holding smart phones, why didn’t they download one of the two easy to use apps that could help them? Does this group get home and put a VCR tape in? Waiting is one thing – some people have more patience than others – but a cab is more expensive (my $13 ride would have probably cost $30 in a yellow cab), the interiors are usually trashed, sometimes the driver will claim they only accept cash despite Visa symbols everywhere, and I occasionally don’t have cash on me. Why are so many people still using yellow cabs?


I often wonder the same thing in commercial real estate. We've created a service where you can list your properties, run e-mail campaigns, generate reporting with one-click of the mouse, run analytics, and much more. It’s clean, efficient, and effective. Our product replaces several old, clunky, and sometimes expensive tools being used (legal pads and post-it notes) and it’s free. The site I’m referring to is CREXi,. Try it. We can't promise you Jesus but it's free.

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen, CREXi Convenient TechnologyPaul Cohen is a Regional Director with CREXi based in the firm’s Miami office and focused on business development in the southeast. Prior to joining CREXi, Cohen was a Managing Director specializing in investment sales and equity raises at Cohen Financial, a national debt and equity advisor. Prior to Cohen Financial, Paul owned and operated his own independent real estate firm following a 12-year tenure at CBRE where Cohen was a Senior Vice President and led the Private Client Group in Miami-Dade County with a specialty in office and industrial investment sales.  Email Paul

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