Q:  How are new features developed?

A:  We have a good pulse on what the industry is lacking and always stay on top of trending technology.  Once an idea forms we outline it in great detail, provide designs, bounce the idea off our customers (usually 5-10), and then place it into a development sprint.


Q:  What’s your favorite feature?

A:  The marketing portal for sure. In a past life I would’ve loved the ability to blast my properties to thousands of investors with just a couple clicks of the mouse. On top of that, I can analyze the effectiveness of each campaign. Previously, I had to send e-mail marketing campaigns via Outlook and would have to wait around and hope someone would call me for more information.


Q:  What product do you look to for inspiration?

A:  I love the simplicity of sites like AirBnB® and Amazon® but commercial real estate is so unique it can be difficult to apply features from those sites and have them be applicable to real estate. However, they exemplify how technology can revolutionize trillion dollar industries and that is inspiring.


Q:  What was your favorite project in 2016?

A:  I had fun building most of the features but my favorite project was working on the property dashboard.  It is such a game changer and really helps brokers track every action a buyer makes on their listing from web hits and visitors all the way to LOI’s.

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